Hey, Randa here. I just came across an incredible app to protect your laptop from theft. It’s called Hidden, and it’s pretty darn cool.


Sadly, theft happens. It could be as innocent as forgetting your bag, leaving your bag at the airport for two seconds as you ran to the vending machine to grab a bottle of water, or leaving your laptop open at the coffee shop to run to the bathroom.


Hidden is a recovery software for Apple devices. So not only is your mac protected but so is your iPhone and iPad. Sorry PC Users, there isn’t a version for you yet.

This is not sponsored, I purchased this software and love it so I knew I had to share with all of you.

Hidden downloads to your computer and does its thing. If your laptop is stolen (or iPhone/iPad) log into your Hidden App and here’s how you can track the bad guy.

PS – SUPER EASY TO INSTALL. One click and you’re done!

First of all, there is a map option so you can see exactly where your device is. That being said, find your iPhone and find your Mac has that so it didn’t overly thrill me.

Here’s what’s awesome about Hidden App: it takes photos and screenshots.

When I put it on test mode on my Macbook, here is what recorded: photos of me (or of the thief), and you can see what they’re doing.

Not only do you have screenshots of their activities but you also have a keylog so you can see what they’re typing.

That’s pretty cool! Don’t get me wrong, if your laptop is stolen it’s still going to be a huge pain in the but at leasst, with the Hidden App you’re more likely to catch the culprit and recover your stolen property.


Hidden App is something you have to pay for but get this… plans start JUST $1.25 a month.

$1.25 a month to protect your device that has your banking information, your personal information, your business, photos of your children… guys this is a no-brainer. 

If you’re curious, I bought the Personal plan for $30 a year, I have three devices covered (which works out to 83 cents a device a month).

If you want to protect your laptop from theft and protect your privacy, I highly recommend Hidden.

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