17 Reasons to Switch Your Ads to Mediavine

Reasons to Switch Your Ads to Mediavine

1. Higher RPMs.

I was earning pitiful RPMs with Mode to the tune of $2 to $3. With Mediavine? My RPMs are over $20! You know what that means? Wayyyyyy more money!

2. Lazy loading ads.

What this means is that your ads only load when they need to. For instance, if a user is scrolling down the page, an ad will load. The ad won’t load unless it needs to keeping your site speed super fast.

3. Transparency.

This is the most honest and transparent company I’ve ever seen. You always know how much their cut is of your ads and there are NO hidden fees. They really go above and beyond to keep their publishers fully informed of everything going on behind the scenes.

4. Focus on site speed.

Site speed is so important to them and has also made me do what I can to make sure I have the fastest site possible. The average site sees a 200% increase in site speed upon switching to Mediavine. Whoa! The ads are designed to keep your site loading quickly while still earning you money.

5. Monetize videos.

Forget trying to earn pennies on Adsense with videos. Mediavine has its own video player so you can upload your videos to their player and embed into your post. I recently just put on their new sticky video player and have seen a bump in my earnings and RPM.

6. They are bloggers.

Mediavine is privately owned by other bloggers! There’s no big corporation or outside investors involved. They test all the ads on their own sites first to make sure that publishers have an optimal experience.

7. Great customer service to everyone.

I love that they give great service to ALL and not just huge publishers with millions of pageviews. Everyone is treated equally and receives the same care and attention. All my interactions with support have been fabulous. The staff is so nice and helpful.

8. Always evolving and improving.

They don’t just stick ads on your site and call it a day. They are always experimenting with new types of ads to help their publishers make more money.

9. High quality ads.

I never have to worry about the ad quality with Mediavine. If you do see an ad that isn’t a fit for your site, they make it easy to report the ad for removal. You can also set the type of ad categories your site shows via your dashboard.

10. Facebook support group.

The Facebook support group is one I check into daily. Whenever I have a site issue or any type of question related to blogging or social media, that is one of my main go-to groups.

11. Opportunity for sponsored posts.

They have an Influencer Marketing Team at Mediavine to bring sponsored post opportunities to members. I haven’t had any opportunities yet.

12. Lower threshold to join.

You only need 25,000 sessions/month to join Mediavine making them more accessible to smaller bloggers.

14. Pinterest whitelisting.

A couple months ago, Mediavine announced that Pinterest had whitelisted our sites so that we wouldn’t be inadvertently flagged as spam by Pinterest.

15. Loyalty bonus.

They pay out 1% extra revenue share on your yearly anniversary date. I’m earning an extra 3% because I just had my 3 year anniversary. The loyalty bonus used to be paid once a year, but now it’s paid daily with your regular earnings!

16. Easy to use dashboard.

I’m obsessed with checking my dashboard. It allows me to see my daily and monthly earnings, the money I’m to be paid coming up, a handy site health check to help publishers maximize earnings and LOTS more info. It’s very straightforward, clean and so helpful.

17. Always helping the blogging community.

Mediavine is always putting out videos and blog posts with helpful resources. Seriously. Make sure you follow their social media pages and read their blog. You’ll find so much information that helps bloggers – even ones who aren’t with Mediavine.

If you want to apply to Mediavine, fill out the form on their site. I wish you the best of luck and I know you will love them as much as I do!

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