6 Email Incentives to Grow Your List

An email incentive gives people a reason to subscribe to your newsletter. Everyone loves freebies and it benefits both of you when you give them a special incentive. You’ll grow your list and they’ll get something for free. It’s a win-win.

Randa and I use ConvertKit for our own sites and Click Start Club because they make it easy to offer these incentives. They are email marketing that is geared towards bloggers and are well worth it if you are looking for a provider that will help you grow your list.

As for what to offer as an email incentive, well, that’s up to you. We have some suggestions below that you could try out to grow your list.

1. Courses. Create a course that is dripped out to your new subscribers. It’s easy to do in ConvertKit when you use Sequences. We created the free food photography e-course for Click Start Club where one lesson each day is emailed to subscribers.

2. Printables. My printables post was the most popular post on my site this past year. People love free printables. I tend to stick to cleaning and organizing printables, but you could really use any type. I have a deep cleaning checklist that is emailed to people who subscribe to my list. As soon as they confirm their email, it’s automatically downloaded onto their computer. Need help making a printable? I recommend joining the Elite Content group and hiring someone there.

3. E-Books. You could write one from scratch or go the easy route and compile old blog posts into an ebook. I have an e-cookbook, Tasty Chicken Recipes, where I took popular chicken recipes from my site and had them compiled into an ebook format. You could do it yourself in Word or Google Drive, or hire someone to make it for you.

4. Video download. Give people access to an exclusive video tutorial once they subscribe. It could you showing them how to do something geared towards your niche. Make it content that they can’t find on your site.

5. Coupon. If you sell a product, give newsletter subscribers a special coupon to use to purchase your products. The site I use for music for my videos does this tip.

6. Giveaway. Host a giveaway that people can enter only by subscribing to your newsletter. I’ve seen bloggers do it as a one-time thing or have it monthly where you choose a subscriber to win.

What do you use as an email incentive for your list?

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