How Asana Can Help Your Blog?

Asana is a project/task management software that has rocked my blogging world. Now that I’ve been using it for a bit, I don’t know how I ever managed without it. It’s a game changer. If you aren’t using it yet, you are missing out!

I’ve mentioned before how I used Trello to keep my blogging (and life) organized. Who is the winner of Trello vs Asana? In my mind, there is no question, it’s clearly Asana. It’s much more powerful and intuitive compared to Trello. I’m 10x more organized now than I ever used Trello. I’ve 100% switched over to Asana for organizing my entire life!

I use both the Asana app on my phone and the Asana desktop app on an equal basis. They synchronize together so I can always know what is still on my plate for the day.

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How Asana Can Help Your Blog?

1. Make an editorial calendar. Create a project for your blog and add in all the upcoming posts you have to write or already have scheduled in WordPress. You can even create a calendar reminder to update the post 1 year from the publish date. View it as a list with colourful tags for each category on your blog or see it in a calendar view. I’m in the process of moving my editorial calendar from Google drive to Asana.

2. Daily to-do list for your blogging tasks. I created a sub-heading under my Simply Stacie Blog project called Daily To-Do List. I list out all the repetitive tasks that have to be done daily/weekly/monthly. I can easily set the task to show up every day (or every week on a specific day). I check off the tasks as I complete them throughout the day. Huge sanity saver right there!

3. Create a sponsor pitch list. This tip was shown in the Asana course I took. I will create a project specifically for pitching sponsors and then can list them all out with their information and get pitching. You can drag and drop them to different headings depending on how they answer your pitch email. It keeps track of all their emails and who you contacted in one place. My email is a mess so it’s going to take me some time to get them all transferred to Asana. Once I do it will be organization heaven!

4. SEO tracking. I recently purchased SemRush based on what I’m learning in the Bloggers Tell All Facebook group. I’m using Asana to keep track of the keywords I’m going after and to keep my ideas organized for keywords for future posts. I know SEO takes time, but I feel better knowing that I’m focusing on it now and not just doing it passively. Using the Yoast plugin is NOT enough.

5. Manage multiple blogs or businesses. I have three businesses: my main blog, Simply Stacie, Click Start Club and my doTERRA business. I created projects to manage the daily tasks associated with each business. I love that my Daily Tasks from all my projects are grouped together in Asana so I can easily work on them from one platform throughout the day.

6. Work with teams and virtual assistants. If you have teams, Asana is a dream come true. You can assign tasks to different team members and at a quick glance, know what’s been done and what hasn’t. I haven’t used this function much yet because I’m still figuring out my team for my blog. Once I do, using Asana will be a must for working with me.

Do you use Asana for your blog?

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