Monthly Blog Income Reports to Inspire You

Hey, it’s Randa here and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite monthly blog income reports that will inspire you and will hopefully lead you to new income sources and tools to use.

Blog Income Reports

I think the first income report I ever read were from my email subscriptions of Jeff and Mandy Rose. I remember reading them with my mouth gaped open. I couldn’t believe how much money they were making and that blogging made it possible. At the time I was barely making $500/month and I was proud of it but I knew there was more potential with what I was doing.

What I love about blogging income reports is the knowledge. I love to see what others are buying, where they’re making their money, and then I like to see how I can apply it to what I’m doing.

Blogging Income Inspiration

Here are a few of the income reports that I stalk read and draw inspiration from. I also may or may not have included my own (and if you click through to TBK’s there is an email sign up form if you want to be updated whenever I publish a new report).

Monthly Income Reports

This post contains affiliate links.

Pinch of Yum Traffic and Income Reports: Although Bjork recently announced that they will no longer be publishing income reports, you can still go through the archives and see some tips and tricks on what worked for them.

The Bewitchin’ Kitchen Income Reports: I really enjoy writing the blogging income reports for The Bewitchin’ Kitchen. It’s a great way for me, as a blogger, to reflect on what I’m doing. I started publishing these blog reports in June of 2016 and I’d like to give it a go until December 2017, but we’ll see what happens! This income report is converted to Canadian dollars.

Just a Girl and Her Blog Traffic and Income Reports: I’m a big fan of Abby and her husband Donnie. I’ve purchased a few of their programs and trust me when I say, this girl knows what she’s talking about.

Making Sense of Cents: Michelle from Making Sense of Cents is the Holy Grail of income reports. Her January income report is so thorough that I’ve read it twice and I’m about to go through it a third time. Her blog is so inspirational, and she makes understanding finances a little bit easier. I’m a subscriber and find so much value in her words.

Melyssa Griffin: I have been following Melyssa since her start in the business world. I find her growth so inspirational. She’s killing it!

Kitchen Sanctuary Income Reports: Nicky’s breakdown is in GBP but she converts it to USD for her readers. I also like that she supplies screenshots of her Google Analytics.

I hope these blogging income reports inspire you to keep pushing towards your goals. If you’re just starting out, don’t be overwhelmed by the big numbers – let them motivate you. Explore the options listed on the income, and the expenses and make plans for your future!

I like to look at expenses to see what tools the bloggers are using. By the way, here are some of our favorite blogging tools.

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