The Best Blogging Courses to Transform Your Blog

I’m an online course junkie. I see blogging courses as investments in my online business and when I see results I tend to shout it from the rooftops. Here are what I believe are the best blogging courses.

The Best Blogging Courses

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. 

As I said, I’m a serial course taker. In the past, I have taken photography courses, online marketing courses, and organizational courses. If I’m not 100% sure on how something works, I look for a course. This blog post on the best blogging courses is based on the courses that both Stacie and I have taken that we saw real results from. Naturally, we haven’t taken every course out there (although I’m sure between the two of us, we’re close) so if you have any suggestions, leave us a comment.

Here are some of the best blogging courses from photography, social media, and courses to build your blog.

Blog Photography Courses from Click Start Club

Of course, we’re going to suggest Click Start Club’s Courses on Photo Editing (Editing with Photoshop and Lightroom) plus our Video Master School. Stacie and I worked insanely hard on these courses and did what we could to make learning our process as easy as possible.

Blogging Courses

Bloggers Tell All – Bloggers Tell All is a membership site that lives on Teachable and a members-only Facebook group. You’ll have access to private Facebook Lives and wealth of information from 8 professional bloggers. This course goes over everything from hiring contributors, SEO, to email marketing best practices.

Content Brew – Stacie took this course and highly recommends it. You’ll learn how to plan content faster & manage your social media presence easier. At the end of this course, you’ll have a full content strategy and at least a quarter’s worth of content planned out for your blog and social media accounts, not to mention a process that you’ll use over and over again.

Skyrocket Your Pageviews with Google Analytics – This was the first LTB I course and it really helped me understand Google Analytics. If you’re looking on how you can understand GA and use it to utilize your blog, I highly recommend this course.

Dominate The Search Engines – This LTB course explores Google Search Console and how you can use it to climb the Google search rankings. This is my favorite course I have taken from the LTB gals.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers Master Course – Tasha’s course is the best affiliate marketing course I have taken. Not only does she go over Amazon Associates (and other souces of affiliate marketing – like Skimlinks), but she also explains her tactics for being successful. Registration only opens up a few times a year, but you can get on the waitlist.

WordPress 101 – I haven’t taken this course, but I have heard incredible things about it. If you’re new to WordPress this is the course for you. Learn the basics of the world’s most popular website platform so you can build the perfect blog or website today!

Food Blogger Pro – We have been members of Food Blogger Pro for a few years now. It’s a membership site that has lessons in EVERYTHING. It’s an all you can eat resource of a blogging buffet. They only open membership up twice a year but you can get on the waitlist.

Book Boss – When I wanted to write my first eBook, I had no idea where to start. I took Abby’s course, Book Boss, and it really helped. It covers everything from the planning stages to setting up affiliates.

Social Media Marketing Courses

Pinning Perfect – This was the first ever online blogging course I have ever taken. I guess you can say this started my online course obsession. I learned a lot about Pinterest from Pinning Perfect and it’s my favorite Pinterest course.

How to Master Tailwind – How to Master Tailwind is a course designed to teach you how to use Tailwind, our favorite Pinterest scheduling tool, effectively so you can spend less time scheduling your pins on Pinterest and more time working on your business.

Courses to Organize Your Blog

AsanaHQ – I found Megan Minns on YouTube and her free editorial calendar for Asana was a huge game changer. I purchased her Asana course, AsanaHQ, and it was such a great resource! This is not an affiliate link, I simply really enjoyed it.

Asana For Bloggers – After I took AsanaHQ, Stacie recommended Asana for Bloggers. I really liked how organized he was and I took some great points from this low cost course.

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