Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Are you looking for a gift for your favorite blogger, writer, or social media influencer? Stacie and I compiled these gift ideas for bloggers just for you. Enjoy!

Gift Ideas for Bloggers

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

In this blogger gift guide, I would like to veer away from equipment (although I do include some). If you’re looking for equipment to up the game for the blogger in your life check these out:

Blogging Gifts & Business Boosters

Bluetooth shower speaker

I LOVE my waterproof blue tooth speaker. I’m a huge podcast listener (here are our top 12 podcasts for bloggers) and there is no better time than when I’m washing my hair in the shower or relaxing in the bath. It has a suction cup for the wall of your shower, and easily connects with your phone – it’s awesome. I also like the fact that it’s portable so you can bring it outside too.

GlobeIn Subscription Box

Stacie highly recommends the GlobeIn Subscription Box. Every month GlobeIn sends a box with handmade finds, and they make beautiful photo props.

Overhead Pro – Use the code ClickStartClub for 10% off.

If you are looking to shot photos or video from overhead, then Overhead Pro is PERFECT for your business (or your friend’ blog business).


Trust me, bloggers cannot get enough notebooks. I have at least a dozen scattered around the house with ideas, meal plans, and notes scribbled throughout.

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription

Creative Cloud is a HUGE part of my business. The subscription includes a membership for both Lightroom and Photoshop which transform my photos. I use it every single day.

Editing Bundle Course

Shameless plug here! If you’re purchasing a Creative Cloud subscription, or if the person you’re buying for is already a member, give them the course that teaches them how to use the software and earn more income for their blog! It’s taught by myself and Stacie, it’s easy to follow, and it works!


I have a large calendar on my desk that’s gold and so pretty. I love it because I use it as a content calendar and it keeps me organized.

Power Bank

It’s such a pain when you’re on a press trip or out and about and the battery for your phone dies. I have a few portable battery chargers and they’re lifesavers in these cases. Another option would be a charging case, I don’t have one but a few friends do and they like it.

Macbook Case

If the blogger you’re buying for has a Macbook, check out these cases. Not only do thye protect the laptop, but they also add a flash of style.

365 Blog Topic Ideas: For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About

I found this on Amazon and think it’s brilliant!

Blogger Cozy Comforts

Great Headphones

Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee is part of my blogging routine. I love sitting in front of my computer with a fresh cuppa. I found a few coffee baskets (some including chocolate) that I would personally love to have and shared them with you with the link above.

Tea Gift Sets

From what I have learned from my tea loving friends is that it’s more than a drink, it’s a religion. So check the gift idea page I’ve linked too, it includes the company favorites.

Essential Oils and Diffusers

Blogging can be stressful: deadlines looming, writer’s block, and the ins and outs of running your own business. Personally, I like to diffuse quality essential oils to lift up my moods and motivation.

Instax Printer

I LOVE my Instax Printer. It’s so much fun to play with and print memories with.

Share with me your gift ideas for bloggers in the comments.

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