Why It’s Ok for People to Unsubscribe from Your Newsletter

I know it’s easy to feel down when you see people unsubscribe from your email newsletter. I used to feel that way, too. I get multiple unsubscribers from each email I send out and I’ve come to learn that’s ok. In fact, it can even be a good thing when people unsubscribe.

Here’s why it’s totally fine and even encouraged for people to leave your list.

1. You pay for each subscriber.

Subscribers cost money. The more you have, the more you pay and it’s not cheap. Wouldn’t you rather people who don’t even read your emails to leave versus staying on your list and deleting every email you send? You could even ask your email provider to send you a list of people who haven’t opened your emails in over a year and delete them yourself. I’ve done that in the past!

2. They are not your target audience.

In other words, they aren’t your people. You want engaged subscribers. People who will click your links and buy your products (if you sell them). The people who unsubscribe will never buy so it’s like shedding dead weight when they leave.

3. Improve your list.

You’ll have a better list with more engaged subscribers. People who engage improve your open and click rates making your list that much more valuable. It may be smaller, but mightier. A big list is worthless if no one reads your emails.

So the next time you see someone subscribe, even if it’s someone you know personally, don’t despair. Think about this post and the reasons given and realize that it’s a positive thing. Your list will be better for it!

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How do you feel when someone unsubscribes from your email list? 

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