Goal Ideas for your blog

13 Goal Ideas to Rock Your Blog

At the beginning of every new year, I set goals both personally and professionally. Last year, my focus was to learn how to make videos. The year before, I wanted to improve my food photography and learn how to use Lightroom. All year long, I work daily on doing something to reach those goals including practicing, reading blog posts and taking courses. I’m a firm believer in practice makes perfect. Whatever your goal is, keep it always on the forefront of your mind and do something every day to improve upon it.

We’ve listed out some goal ideas to improve your blog along with some recommended resources to help you achieve your goals. We want to see you succeed at whatever it is you are focusing on this year!

This post contains affiliate links.

1. Learn how to create awesome videos.

We recommend our Video Master School. Registration is open till January 7th!

2. Improve your photography.

Take our free 10 day photography e-course.

3. Learn how to edit in Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

Sign up for our editing courses.

4. Work on SEO.

We recommend the Learn to Blog Dominate and Conquer courses.

5. Build your email newsletter.

Randa and I LOVE ConvertKit and all its bells and whistles.

6. Build your Facebook page.

I highly recommend the Moolah Facebook course.

7. Improve your Instagram account. 

Randa and I use Link in Profile to make our Instagram clickable.

8. Improve your Pinterest account.

We are huge fans of Pinning Perfect.

9. Improve your blog traffic.

Take the Skyrocket course from Learn to Blog to master Google Analytics.

10. Improve your affiliate income.

Take Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and up your game.

11. Create an online course.

We highly recommend Teachable to use as your course platform.

12. Create an ebook.

We use our ebooks as a content upgrade for our email newsletters.

13. Build your blogging tribe.

Join our blogging Facebook group for networking and advice.

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