12 Podcasts for Bloggers to Motivate, Inspire, and Lift You Up

I’m obsessed with podcasts, I listen to at least one daily and for motivation, inspiration, and education. Here are some podcasts for bloggers.

Podcasts for Bloggers

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As I said, I listen to a lot of podcasts. In the shower, while driving, while cleaning, or whenever I have a free moment. Here are some of the podcasts for bloggers I listen to.

Please note: all links go to iTunes, check Stitcher for Android users or head to their website and see if they send their podcasts straight to your email.

Food Blogger Pro – Bjork Ostrom

I have been listening to The Food Blogger Pro Podcast since it was launched. I’m a big supporter of Bjork and Lindsey from Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro, so I knew this podcast would be one of the first on the list. Both Stacie and I are members of Food Blogger Pro, and I have been a member for over two years now.

Even if you’re not a food blogger, be sure to subscribe to this podcast. Bjork and his guests talk about SEO, book deals, social media, diversifying your income and so much more.

Build Your Tribe – Chalene Johnson

Chalene is my girl! I’m what she calls her “lifer”, I have been following Chalene and implementing her advice for many years. It started with health and fitness and then evolved into business. I’m a student of her Marketing Impact Academy and I am giving my all in her course. Both Build Your Tribe and The Chalene Show were the first podcasts I listened to. Chalene drives the importance of email lists, outsourcing, and shares important tools to help you grow (all of this in a fun, relatable way that has you cheering for more).

ProBlogger Podcast: Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging – Darren Rowse

I have only been listening to the ProBlogger Podcast for a few months now and I have no idea why it took me so long. This is a podcast JUST FOR US! Most of these podcasts I’m listing are for online business and apply to bloggers but this is a podcast for bloggers.

Go subscribe, right now.

Simple Pin Podcast – Kate Ahl

I’ve been listening to Kate’s podcast since 2015. Kate not only shares her knowledge on Pinterest but she often has guests that can dig further into my favorite social media platform and spark ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Both Stacie and I have hired Kate and her team to help us manage our Pinterest accounts, that’s how much we trust her.

Kate also has a Simple Pin Master Course (both Stacie and I are students) and if you’re not in the position to have a Pinterest manager, I recommend taking her course to understand the platform to help your blog grow.

Earn Your Happy Podcast – Lori Harder

Lori is new to me. I have been listening to her podcast since the spring but I’m fully invested. There is something special about her, she’s so sweet and genuine and she gives you the feeling that she is speaking to you over coffee. She speaks about mindfulness, health, and gives up lifting messages about being in businesses and earning your happy. Is it straight business advice? Sometimes. It’s mostly the ingredients you need to bake that perfect cake of success: facing fears, getting over imposter syndrome and more so you can shine bright!

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Now I can’t talk about motivational podcasts without mentioning the king of all motivation, can I? I haven’t listened to many of The Tony Robbins Podcasts, but the episodes I have listened to have been inspirational. Tony and his team share more than just business, but the pieces of the puzzle that help you be the best entrepreneur possible: health, fitness, motivation.

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

I have listened to many podcasts in the past where Pat Flynn was being interviewed. This guy is smart and has so many amazing ideas. I finally subscribed to his podcast at the beginning of the year and it’s an amazing resource. From interviews of what other entrepreneurs are doing to earn their incomes to ideas of passive income. This is a podcast that bloggers need to know about.

See also: Ask Pat.

Pursuit with Purpose – Melyssa Griffin

I love the story on why Melyssa started this podcast. Melyssa was busting her butt, earning herself over a million dollars but she was miserable. She lost her way by getting caught up in comparisons and by getting caught up in the hustle. So she redesigned her business from a place of intention which inspired this podcast. This podcast is for those of us who want to create a life and business that is meaningful, authentic, and fullfilling. I love this podcast because it puts things in perspective. Why do I want to make x amount of dollars? Do I need it or is it out of ego? This podcast has me asking the quesitons of why and I LOVE that.

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast – Amy Porterfield

I first heard Amy Porterfield on Chalene Johnson’s Build Your Tribe Podcast. She was interviewed as an expert on Facebook. Not only is she knowledgeable in Facebook but also in list building and creating sales funnels. Not only is her podcast inspiring but she lays out the steps in how to do what she is talking about. I recommend listening to this near a pen and paper or your computer so you can implement right away.

Millenial Boss FIRE Drill Podcast

This new podcast first came on my radar because I was asked to be interviewed. Yup, little ol’ me (I’ll link my interview when it’s live). It’s not directly a podcast for bloggers but the topics of blogging are covered, along with real estate, being an author, and even making money with Air BNB rentals.

The Goal Digger Podcast – Jenna Kutcher

Jenna Kutcher hosts the live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your biggest goals along the way

She’s Building Her Empire with Stacy Tushl

She’s Building Her Empire will help you follow you purpose, blaze the trail and build or expand your business empire – without running yourself into the ground. From Mindset and Productivity to Branding and 7-figure Business Systems & Strategies, listen to what tickles your fancy.

Do you have any podcasts for bloggers that you’re obsessed with? Share with us in the comments.

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