How to Report Stolen Pins to Pinterest?

Stolen pins have been running rampant on Pinterest, it’s a given when content does well. So if you find your image stolen, what do you do? File a DMCA to Pinterest. So here’s how to report stolen Pins.

How to Report Stolen Pins to Pinterest

First of all: what’s a stolen pin?

A stolen pin is when someone takes your pin image and description and changes the URL from your blog post/website to theirs.

They’re piggybacking on your content’s popularity and diverting eyes to their skimmed site or whatever they are trying say/sell.

This does not include accidentally stolen pins (right now there is a glitch where roundups are pulling an image from one of the links and links back to the roundup with the wrong image). I know that sounds confusing, but it’s something that is being worked on right now (from what I have read).

Here’s how to find potentially stolen pins and how to file a DMCA to Pinterest:

So what are you waiting for? Get searching and take back your content that you worked so hard on!

Don’t have time? This may be the perfect job to outsource to a VA.

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