Where to Buy Content for Your Blog?

Buying content for your blog exploded with growth in the last few years. You can buy pretty much anything including recipes, crafts, articles, DIY, printables and more. I personally like to buy printables because it saves me so much time. They take me forever to make myself and they are usually affordable. The question is: where to buy content for your blog?

Quality and price varies greatly. I don’t like semi-exclusive content personally, but it’s still quite popular. Typically, bloggers share a recipe with different photos and then can make the post their own. It’s always cheaper so I think that is part of the draw.

Is buying content worth it? It depends. Sometimes you can find yourself with a viral post that pays for itself ten times over. Other times, pageviews are minimal and you are left with a dud. Check out our formula to figure out if something you bought was worth it or not.

Good content isn’t always easy to find. I’m a member of lots of content groups, but typically don’t buy anything. I mainly am in them for the printables when they are offered and even then, I’m really picky. However, I see blogs buying content all the time so stuff is selling like hotcakes.

Where to Buy Content for Your Blog

So you are interested in buying content for your blog. Check out our list of Facebook groups where you can find a variety of content for sale.

1. Elite VA Buy/Sell Exclusive Content and Services – Only exclusive posts for sale. All sellers are screened before they are allowed to sell.

2. VA for Hire and Pinterest-Friendly Content for Bloggers – Both exclusive & semi-exclusive for sale.

3. Blog Content Couture – Both exclusive & semi-exclusive for sale.

4. Birch Bay Creatives – Recipes (both exclusive & semi-exclusive) sold by the fabulous, Joanne Andrea.

5. Va’s Buy, Sell & Barter Group! – Both exclusive & semi-exclusive for sale.

6. Blog Content 4 Sale – Both exclusive & semi-exclusive for sale.

7. Canadian VA’s For Hire & Content Selling Group – Both exclusive & semi-exclusive for sale. Prices in CAD only.

I know there are many more content groups on Facebook, but these are the ones that seem to be most active. If you are in the market for content, I recommend you join a few (or all!) and see what you can find for your blog.

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