How to Set Up Recurring Tasks in Asana?

Randa and I have both switched over to Asana to manage our blogs and personal lives. Asana is a project management software that can help you stay organized and on track. I use it daily and would be lost without it.

I shared already how to create a to-do list in Asana. Today, I wanted to look at another feature: how to set up recurring tasks in Asana.

These are tasks that you do daily, weekly, two times a week, monthly, yearly or whatever timeframe you choose! You can set it up so that Asana reminds you when you need to complete this task. Set it and forget it…until you need to do the task, of course!


So how is it done? Easy peasy. Let me show you.

1. Click on Due Date of your task. It’s found on the right of your screen.

2. Set the due date by choosing a date.

3. Click on Set to Repeat.

4. Click on Repeats 7 days after completion to customize the task.

5. Click Repeat and select how often you want the task to repeat itself. You can even set intervals if you want it to repeat on specific days.

That’s it! When the task is due, it will show up under My Tasks. Then you can make sure you never miss an important deadline.


I have a large list of recurring tasks that I do daily for my blog. This can include everything from social media scheduling, sharing your post of the day and cleaning out your inbox. Weekly tasks are submitting my links to the linky service I use, transferring my RAW files to my external hard drive and planning the recipes I want to make that week. You get the idea.

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