Best Round Up Groups on Facebook

One strategy to get more eyeballs on your content is to get featured in other bloggers’ round up posts. And there is a group for that! In fact, there are many round up groups on Facebook where bloggers will share their round up theme and you add links that fit from your blog. It’s a win-win. Bloggers get free content and you get a backlink which may or may not be dofollow.

I personally love having my recipes featured in round ups. I give permission for bloggers to use ONE photo from the post and a link back to the post.

If you’re looking for posts for your own round ups, these Round Up groups will get the job done. Post your request and bloggers will add their links for you to pick the best ones that fit the theme.

Round Up Groups on Facebook

Here is a list of round up groups that I could find on Facebook. If you know of anymore I should add, feel free to let me know in the comments.

1. Julie’s Recipe Round Ups

2. MVP Social Share Group (for Mediavine members only)

3. Best Ever Round Ups

4. FBC Members (for Food Bloggers of Canada members only)

5. FBC Social Sharing

6. RoundupPalooza

7. Operation Round-Up

8. Craft & Food Round Ups

9. Blogger Round Up Requests

10. Bloggers Sharing Links for Round Ups

11. Blogger Round Ups

Do round ups bring great traffic?

Do round ups bring great traffic? For me, they don’t anymore, but they used to. I know some bloggers who pump out round ups like it’s going out of style because of all the great traffic they are getting. They don’t seem to do that well for my blog so I rarely do them. However, I know where to look to get ideas for them if I do decide to start doing them again.

If you are having success with round ups, I’d love to hear your tips!

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