Where to Find WordPress Blog Themes?

Whether you’re looking to start a blog or you’re looking to upgrade your blog theme, here’s a resource on where to find the best WordPress blog themes that will take your blog to wow!

WordPress Blog Themes

I use WordPress as our CMS (content management system) at Click Start Club. We didn’t start out there, we both got our blog start on Blogger but realized that we were limited and switched to WordPress and self-hosting.

Before I had my custom blog design, I went through so many blog themes (too many to count). During my search for the perfect blog theme, I have come across many legit (and some not too legit) sources and here they are.

Restored 316 Designs

This is the company that Click Start Club is using at the time I write this. The current theme is Darling. The nice thing about Restored 316 is that she has a lot of resources on her blog plus set up instructions that are easy to follow.


Studiopress is a great place to shop for WordPress blog themes. You can find both Studiopress themes and third party themes (which includes Restored 316 and PDC). A food blogging theme I like is this Cook’d Pro Theme by Feast Design Co and the Infinity Pro Theme is another favorite of mine, which works as a great business blog theme. They also have themes fit for photography, real estate blog themes, basically anything you can think of.

Elegant Themes

Elegant themes is another source for WordPress blog themes. Personally, there are only a few I like for blogging (a few of the newer ones) but you may find the love of your blog theme life here.

Creative Market

Creative Market is awesome. If you sign up for their newsletter, every Monday they send you 6 freebies (usually one is a theme). Not everything is built on the Genesis Framework (more about that below) but there are so beautiful blog designs here. They have a great selection of blog themes that aren’t WordPress too. The search function on Creative Market is awesome too, you can easily filter in or filter out what you need.

Genesis Framework

It’s important to note that the majority of blog themes require you to have Genesis installed on your blog first. If it’s not, the theme will not work.

If you don’t have it already, buy the Genesis Framework here.

Blog Theme Shopping Tips

  • Make sure you understand if there are any “prerequisites” before you buy, an example is buying a child theme but not realizing you have to buy the Genesis Framework first.
  • Ensure the blog theme you choose is for your CMS (WordPress). You can usually filter out the other content management systems, but always double check before you buy.
  • Look for coupons! Do a quick coupon search on Google before you buy, I have done this and there is usually something (sometimes if you sign up for their newsletters, they’ll send you a code).
  • Make sure it’s mobile responsive. Most likely, the majority of your traffic will come from mobile devices, make sure your theme is optimized for mobile.
  • Before you buy, play around on the live demo. Never buy a theme without seeing how it will look.

I do believe these are some of the best WordPress blog themes you can find. I hope this list helps you shorten your to-do list and served as a good resource for your blog theme needs!

What’s your favorite WordPress blog theme?

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