5 Blogger Habits You Need In Your Arsenal

After many trial and errors, experiments, and failures I have decided to share (what I believe) a few blogger habits you should have.

Blogger Habits You Need In Your Life

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1. Save Save Save!

Save your work! WordPress automatically saves every so often, but there have been many times that I’ve lost my work and it wasn’t updated on WordPress’s back end up. So now, I save all the time. After every paragraph, any edits, or additions of photos. It’s second nature to me now, and I highly suggest you hit save often too!

2. Share Your Blog Post On Pinterest.

I’m sure many of you already do this, but if you don’t – you are missing out big time on traffic. Every time a post is published, I share it to Pinterest ASAP. I manually pin it to my main blog board (whether it’s for Click Start Club or The Bewitchin’ Kitchen), share it to Tailwind Tribes, and then I schedule it to all of my relevant boards via Tailwind.

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3. Check Your Analytics.

I know, they can seem confusing but it’s such an important habit to have as a blogger to dive in and learn about your Google Analytics. Google Analytics, along with Google Search Console, can tell you so much not just about your blog but about your readers as well. This is truly the key to see what your readers want, then you can write more for them and have more success. See how to create a custom dashboard in Google Analytics.

Want more information?

I recommend taking the following Learn To Blog’s courses:

Skyrocket Your Pageviews with Google Analytics.
Dominate Search Engines with Webmaster Tools.

I personally took both and had success, plus I learned how to understand both tools without losing my mind.

4. Be Persistent.

I hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to be huge overnight. It’s going to take years of hard work and determination (and even then, there is a chance you won’t get to where you thought you would be). Keep pushing! You will have moments where you want to quit but don’t. You can do this.

Be consistent with your schedule, if you post once a week – keep it up. Twice a week, continue. Every Tuesday? Sure! Whatever you do do it with determination and treat your blog as a business. Wouldn’t you show up to a paying gig Tuesday morning at 7am? Think of each post as a paying job, because one day – it will be. Persistent with your email list, social media account, blog posts. It all matters.

5. Always Be Learning!

I feel that this last tip is the most important. This is the blogger habit that you should never drop! You don’t know it all, and even if you’re confident you know what you need to know: things change! I’m a serial course taker. If I see an opportunity to learn and absorb an expert’s knowledge, I jump at it. Build up your knowledge by:

  • Asking other bloggers
  • Take courses
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read blog posts
  • Subscribe to webinars
  • Watch YouTube videos
  • Schedule a consultation with an expert in the field

You can find out whatever you want to expand your knowledge on by putting more effort into blog education, from SEO help to our FREE PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE whatever you want to know is out there (and if there isn’t and you figure it out, you can offer that service)! You can find anything out for free, but that does take a lot of time and effort to piece it all together.

If you’re looking for a shortcut to get it and get it fast don’t shy away from paid courses. I’m happy to pay someone for their time for getting the answers I want in a way that I can understand!

Click Start Club offers courses on photo editing! Starting at $79, we teach out our workflows for editing photography for your blog.

Want to improve your blog and social media images? Enroll here!

Blogging Habits from Bloggers

  • Proofreading their posts. EVERY POST. – Jenn, Jenn Writes. PS: want to avoid grammar mistakes? Check out Grammarly.
  • A monthly calendar on their desk with their daily tasks, social shares for campaigns, blog posts for those days, invoices sent that month, etc. For me visibility is key. If I can’t see it, it often gets forgotten. – Aimee, Aimee Geroux.
  • Schedule a tweet the moment your blog post goes live, and schedule a few more throughout the next few months. – Kristen, My 3 Little Kittens.
  • Building and establishing genuine relationships with your readers and supporters. It’s so important to reciprocate and show love and support back on social media as well. And don’t be afraid to get personal. – Debbie, Sass and Smalls.
  • At least twice a year, take some time to tidy up your blog. Fix or delete broken links, update any posts that have become “dated”, review your sidebar to see if there are ads or other links you should remove, and optimize old posts for SEO. Consider having a professional take a look at the back end of your blog to see if there is anything they can do to refresh your blog such as completing tasks that can help your blog run faster. Make sure you are backing up your blog at least weekly. – Sandi
  • Consistency. Post on a weekly basis. I’ve seen bloggers complain that blogging can’t be a full-time income or even a part time income but then when I look at their blog their last post was 4 months ago, before that 3 months, before that 2 months etc. If you aren’t putting out new content your readers have no reason to come back if they’ve read everything. – Aimee, Aimee Geroux.

Share your best blogger habits with us in the comments.

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