How to Revive Old Posts to Bring Your Blog Traffic?

I have almost 14,000 posts published and I wish I could say they all got traffic, but that would be false. Many of them are old reviews and giveaways that don’t really fit the focus of my site anymore. I also have a lot of older recipes with not-so-great photos. Back then, I had no idea about photography and it showed. So now I’m going to share with you how to revive old posts that will bring your blog traffic.

How to Revive Old Posts?

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Over the last year, I’ve been painstakingly working through those old posts, mainly the recipes with the horrible images. I want to get more eyeballs on these posts so they don’t fade away into cyberspace never to be seen again.

Today, I’m sharing how to revive an old post and get more traffic (hopefully!) on them. More eyeballs = more money, right?

1. Update the images. If it’s a recipe, reshoot it with your new and improved photography skills. Hint hint: take our free food photography e-course! I’m happy to say that I’m almost finished updating all the recipes on my site.

2. Optimize for Pinterest. Create images with text to share on Pinterest. I find collages perform better for me so I try to make sure I have one in every recipe or tutorial style post I do. Buy a stock image if you need to and put text on it attractively to make it ready to pin.

3. Beef it up. If your post is short on words, add more text to make it more search engine friendly. It should be 300 words or more. I’m in the process of doing this task on my site now that I’m done the recipe posts.

4. Link the post in related posts. Add the link to your post into more popular posts on your site if it fits. You should try to have three internal links per post.

5. Share it on social media. Pretty obvious, right? I had to mention it though!

6. SEO it. Optimize the post for search engines by adding in keywords, alt text on your images and H2 headers. Our favorite tool to get deep with keyword optimization and to help us get to the front page of Google is SEMrush.

Bonus: Don’t forget to add in affiliate links (make sure you know how to disclosure first).

How do you revive a dead post? Share in the comments below!

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