There is such a thing as an addiction to fonts. I know because I have it! I prefer to call it a “collection”. I love playing around with fonts on my images and collages. I always include text if I’m pinning something to Pinterest. Having a beautiful font on your image can make a difference in terms of repins and traffic to your site.

I highly recommend you subscribe to Creative Market. Each week, they send out an email with free goodies you can download. I always get the free fonts when it’s something I like. Make sure to save the license too just in case. Keep them in a separate folder in your email so you always know where they are.

If you are looking for handwritten fonts right now, I’ve rounded up 10 of my favourites. Some of them are free to download while others cost a small amount. Though I love freebies, I will buy fonts if it’s something I really like and think I will use.


  1. Botdoh
  2. Jasmine 
  3. Gineva
  4. Elfa Brush
  5. LaurenScript
  6. Mabotim Brush
  7. Pacifico
  8. Scallion
  9. Streetlight
  10. Homemade Apple

I typically pair a handwritten font with a contrasting font in block letters. It makes your pins stand out more. Word of warning though, don’t go nuts with using too many fonts on your pins. I would say no more than three depending on how long your text is. Play around with fonts and find one that catches your eye.

I know people say you are supposed to use the same font all the time for branding, but I’m always changing mine up. I’ll find one I love and use it until I get bored and find another, I like better. Eventually, I’ll settle on a font and use it exclusively, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet.

What handwritten fonts do you love?

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