How to Set Up Google Alerts for Your Blog?

If you want to track your blog when it comes to mentions (or scraped content), take a few minutes and learn Google Alerts. Here’s how to set up Google Alerts for your blog.

Google Alerts for Your Blog

I have Google Alerts set up for my name and my blog. Why?

So, I can receive an email whenever my name is mentioned on the world wide web.

I do this so I can track my blog, my brand, and my content. I like receiving my mentions and see if any of my content has been stolen (sometimes the thieves keep your blog name in it so it’s easy to track).

You can also keep track of your competitors or topics your blog covers to get inspired with writing prompts.

How to set up Google Alerts

  1. Head to the Google Alerts page.
  2. Type what you want your alert to be about (ie: Randa Derkson or The Bewitchin’ Kitchen) and click Show Options.
  3. Ensure the options are what you would like and that they alerts will be sent to the correct address.
  4. Click Create Alert.

It’s that easy! Now whenever someone mentions you or your blog, you’ll be sent an email!

Here’s an example of the email I receive whenever is mentioned on the web. This alert shared with me the fact that I recently published this recipe for Curried Rum Chicken Meatballs. Whenever the blog (or myself) is mentioned on another blog, I’m given that link as well.

I have found content being shared (and stolen) this way. What I love about it is if my content is being shared (for example I’m linked to meal plans and roundups often) I like to schedule shares and help those bloggers boost it a bit.

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