12 Daily Tasks to Grow Your Blog

I keep track of what I need to do each day in Asana and many of the tasks are ones that I use to grow my blog. Rome wasn’t built in a day…so they say and I’m a firm believer that small changes can make a big impact over time. If you are stretched for time already, hire a VA to do some of these daily tasks for you.

Daily Tasks to Grow Your Blog

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1. Pin a top pin from your Pinterest analytics. Look under Website in your Pinterest analytics and pin a top performing pin to your best boards.

2. Pin something from your Pinterest source link. Your source link will show you what is being pinned right now from your site. Grab a few pins to repin from there. This is what your source link will look like: https://www.pinterest.ca/source/yoursitename.com/

3. Schedule holiday posts in Tailwind and add to tribes. I make a list of all my seasonal posts and will begin to share them a few months before the holiday. I generally share about two a day on Pinterest and in my tribes.

4. Analyze your top posts. Take your top 10 posts with most traffic and add a newsletter form, interlink to other posts and schedule to social media.

5. Share a post in Facebook groups. Find relevant Facebook groups that allow you to share your posts. Check out these list of recipe sharing Facebook groups.

6. Add to linky parties. You can do this yourself or hire a VA to do it for you.

7. Add posts to round up groups. Bloggers are often looking for posts to use in their round ups.

8. Take your top traffic post from this date last year and share it on social media. Look in Google Analytics on last year’s date and see what post was getting the most traffic. Then, schedule to share the post again on social media to give it a little boost.

9. SEO an older post. Choose one post from your archives and give it a little SEO boost by adding H2 tags, alt tags and making sure it has a keyword rich description at the start.

10. Add a Pinterest description to an older post and/or make a long pin. I look at old recipes and choose one a day. I make sure it has a good keyword rich Pinterest description and a long pin. Remember to pin it, too.

11. Add post to recipe or craft submission sites. I submit all my recipe posts to Foodgawker. Traffic is ok, but I find big sites and magazines will often find me this way for features.

12. Ensure your recipe cards are filled out entirely. Make sure you add in the prep time, cook time, total time and nutritional value on your recipe card. Google and Pinterest will use this info in searches.

Do you have any daily tasks to add to this list?

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