Where to Find Insurance for Your Blog?

I’d been meaning to buy insurance for my blog for a few years, but wondered was that even a thing? I had issues getting house insurance when I moved to Ontario. I had to explain what I did for a living to people who had no clue what a blog was. I was at one point even denied for house insurance because of my blog. Too much liability they said. It was time for me to look at my options and see if I could even get insurance for my blog.

I’ve even seen some blogging contracts where they require you to have insurance. I knew it was time for me to get some. I called a local insurance broker whose tagline was “Insurance as individual as you are”. I figured they’d be one to help me because what I did for a living was pretty different

I was the first blogger to contact them and they told me they’d have to do some research to see if they could find me coverage. A few days later, the insurance broker emailed me back with good news – they had found a company that offers coverage for websites like mine!

I had to give some information on my revenue and how my site worked. It was pretty painless and easy though. The insurance company I went with was Totten Insurance Group. I purchased Errors & Omissions, Cyber, Privacy & Media Coverage, Commercial General Liability and Legal Expense coverage. The total cost was close to $2,000 for the year. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for the peace of mind, in my opinion. Your quote might be different than mine because we no two sites are the same.

If you’re in Ontario or Quebec, contact my insurance broker, Johnston & Mackie, for a quote and tell them Simply Stacie sent you. They were fabulous to work with and went the extra mile to help me out. Outside Ontario and Quebec, I recommend contacting an insurance broker in your region and explaining to them what you do for a living and what coverage they would recommend.

Why get insurance for your blog?

Like I mentioned, it’s for peace of mind. My home insurance policy would not cover my business so I felt like a ticking time bomb if I ever were to get sued. I would lose everything. Having insurance protects my house and assets. Hopefully, I’ll never need to use it, but I feel better knowing it’s there just in case.

Can you even get blog insurance?

Yes! Contact your local insurance broker and they should be able to help you find coverage for your needs.

How much is it going to cost?

The premium will depend on what kind of coverage you get, your deductible and limits. Mine was $2000 for the year, but I know some people who have paid less. You won’t know for sure until you get a quote.

Do you currently have insurance for your blog?

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