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If I wasn’t already busy enough with my blog and Click Start Club, I’d be selling recipe photos. Food photography is one of my passions and I enjoy making food look droolworthy and like you want to lick the screen. It’s easier said than done. Here at Click Start Club we have our free Photography course and our premium editing courses, but we don’t get into the business side of things. How does one become a content creator making a living sell recipes to bloggers?


The Pretty Focused course is 100% what you need to take if you want to learn food photography and how to sell your photos to bloggers. Yes, bloggers will PAY you for recipe photos. It’s a thing…a big thing actually.

My friend, Becky, is in a job that is physically and mentally demanding and wanted to work from home instead. She has a DSLR and a willingness to learn. She signed up for the Pretty Focused course and was ready to start a new career path. I watched the course videos with her to get a sense of the course.

We were both very impressed. It’s about 4 hours long and organized beautifully. I even learned a few tips and I’ve been doing this 10 years.

After watching the course videos, Becky is ready to get started on creating her portfolio and then content to sell to bloggers. I’m truly excited for her.

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Pretty Focused Course

So what will you learn in the Pretty Focused course? Here are my 11 takeaways:

1. Lighting tips. Melodee, the instructor, shows you her lighting set-up (hint: it’s free) and how you can easily duplicate it in your home.

2. Styling tips. She talks about the best dishes to use when shooting food. She also goes over linens and utensils and what ones to buy. I loved her detailed explanation on colours that go together. The way she explains it makes it easy to remember.

3. How to shoot in manual. You’ll get the most out of your DSLR if you shoot in manual. She has detailed lessons showing you how to set your camera to get the best possible shot.

4. How to get the white balance right straight out of the camera. Her tip for white balance is genius! I normally fix white balance in Lightroom, but I think her way is much easier and will save you so much time.

5. How to use Lightroom. Lightroom is the BEST, in my opinion, and I think it’s great she is training her students to use it. Her editing process is a bit different than mine, but it was neat to pick up a few tips and tricks and see how someone else edits their photos.

6. Composition. She breaks down composition so you can easily set up your food shots. She discusses several photography rules like the rule of thirds and gives lots of examples. I love that she went over this section in detail so students can easily remember how to do it themselves. A couple of the rules I didn’t even know about, but was already doing in my photos!

7. Types of blog posts people want recipes for. There are several and she goes over what each one is.

8. Pricing. It’s always tough to figure out pricing. She shares a chart with minimum pricing to take the guess work out of this dilemma.

9. What if scenarios. Melodee shares several potential scenarios that may arise and what to do in each case. I love that students can ask for advice in the Facebook group too if something else comes up that she doesn’t cover in the course. Support is there for you.

10. How to create a client questionnaire and what questions to ask. She shares her entire client questionnaire and how you can easily create your own to ensure you are giving clients exactly what they want.

11. Where to find clients. She lists out exactly where you can find bloggers who are looking for your services. Trust me, there is a GREAT need for recipes with beautiful food photography. I think it’s wonderful that this course exists to fill that void.

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