1 Thing You Can Do to WOW a Sponsored Campaign

Are you looking to rock your sponsored campaign and wow the brand you’re working with? Check out my suggestion for reporting and closing strong which will WOW a sponsored campaign.

Wow a Sponsored Campaign

Part of your job as a blogger may include sponsored posts. Whether that’s a blog post, a live feed, or a social media post. At the end of that campaign you’ll have the following:

  • The brand/contact will reach out to you for some metrics
  • The brand/contact will have access to your stats already through connected accounts or a tracking pixel (common in influencer networks)
  • Nothing.

With the last scenario you may think to yourself “oh cool, less work” or forget about the project entirely, but here’s something I suggest: send them a campaign report anyway and blow their mind. By doing this, you’ll be memorable and your contact will remember this! Not only will you be saving your contact some work but you’re also standing out from the crowd.

One way you can do this is by screenshotting your reports on Google Analytics and social media dashboards, but that doesn’t give you the whole picture as an influencer. Those only tell a part of the story!

I highly recommend having a customized spreadsheet that includes your reach, impressions, engagements along with a written report with your insights and knowledge of the campaign.

DO NOT BE OVERWHELMED BY THE ABOVE STATEMENT, let me help you. Do what I did and make life simple by purchasing Businessese’s Closing Strong. After listening to a podcast with Danielle from Businessese while on a flight to Anaheim last May, I purchased Closing Strong right there. Yup, whie I was over 30,000 feet in the sky, I was investing in my business with this course (and SUPER AMAZING SPREADSHEET) and never looked back.

It retails for only $49 (and if you’re a student in any of the paid CSC courses, you receive 15% off just check the deals section in the course) and with that, you get so much!

What’s included in Closing Strong:

  • An instructional video to show you exactly what you need for your reports and how to use the templates.
  • A spreadsheet template that will help you crunch the numbers for your report.
  • A Google Slides template that you can use to customize your reports.
  • A sample report to give you inspiration on how the final product can look.

My personal feelings about Closing Strong? I feel that the $49 is worth the spreadsheet alone, not to mention the course and slides. I don’t always submit customized reports with the slides but I do submit the spreadsheet through every campaign.

By using the spreadsheets I’m saving time with crunching the numbers (meaning I’m not doing any of it) and I’m learning how to price my business. Here’s an example:

It’s obvious the recipes do well on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen, and with the Cost Per Engagement calculator in the spreadsheet, I was able to see that my CPE was insanely low compared to travel and health posts.

What does that mean? It means that I should raise my rates for recipes (which I did). Recipes cost a few hundred dollars more than a typical sponsored post on health or travel.

How to read the cost per engagement? The cost per engagement on the main page gives you a dollar value for how much engagement you receive total (social media posts, blog posts, etc). When the CPE reads low, that simply means that you should re-evaluate your rates. If you see this as a trend for a few reports, I wouldn’t say you simply had a one-off post take off, this is a trend and you’re worth more.

I raised my rates after I noticed that I was consistently at $.10 per engagement, I even have a campaign where I’m under a penny! I personally shoot for $.50 – $1.00 CPE.

So what should your CPE be? I asked Danielle Liss from Businessese and here is what she said,

“I typically tell people to try and stay below $1.50 for CPE on blog posts. I think $.50 is something that would be really appealing to brands, especially if engagement is how they are measuring success. The social channels are harder to give an exact figure because it varies so much. But, we do encourage that people use CPE as a base for their pricing and consider the other PRICE factors when setting their rates.” – Danielle. 

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