I’ve been saying it for a while now that I’m going to start working on my email list. I don’t know what took me so long. I had an email newsletter with over 10K subscribers, but it wasn’t growing. I thought it would be too hard to do. Too much effort. Finally, I said to myself that I need to do this. I’m wasting time and need to focus on growing my list.

So I did. I switched to ConvertKit.

Friends that have switched over have long been telling me to move, too. They said their list was growing in the hundreds, some thousands, each week and I was missing out. I was comfortable with my old email provider. They were like warm fuzzy socks that felt good, but really weren’t doing much besides keeping my feet warm.

I’ve been with ConvertKit for the past several weeks and have seen incredible growth. In fact, I’m a little obsessed now with all the bells and whistles ConvertKit offers. They make growing your list easy!

Here are just a few reasons why I love ConvertKit so far.

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1. Forms.

It’s simple to create multiple email sign-up forms for every type of newsletter you have. I have three main lists when I moved: my main RSS feed peeps, my Canada giveaway newsletter and my weekly giveaway newsletter. You can make multiple forms including ones with landing pages and ones to embed on your website. I put the landing page forms on my social media profiles. I also created a form to embed on my sidebar and ones to embed under my posts. I have two opt-ins – a cleaning printable and an e-cookbook so I needed a form for each one. In total, I have six different forms created funnelling to various lists.

2. Easy to set up email series.

I haven’t done this yet, but I want to. It’s where you create a series of emails like a course to send out to your subscribers over a period of time. We have one for Click Start Club for our free photography course. I’d like to do this for Simply Stacie eventually. Let’s just say it’s on my to-do list.

3. Link triggers.

When someone clicks a link in your newsletter, you can tag them to a specific list. For instance, I tagged everyone with “Essential Oils” who clicked to join my team’s essential oil Facebook group. This way I know these people are interested in essential oils and I can send them out targeted emails.

4. Segment lists.

In ConvertKit, you can segment your list with tags. For example, anyone who subscribed to my cleaning printable, got tagged with my RSS list and another cleaning list. Don’t worry, you only pay ONCE per email so subscribers can be tagged more than once.

5. Clean design.

I was getting tired of the fancy, colorful newsletters and wanted something simpler and plainer. I wanted it to look like a regular email. These cleaner emails perform better than ones with a fancy layout.

6. Opt ins.

I feel like a kid with a new toy. I’m going nuts producing different opt-ins for people. Opt-ins are freebies people get for subscribing to your list. I have my cleaning printable that I placed on all my Household Tips posts. My e-cookbook that is now on my recipes. I’m getting a DIY beauty e-book created professionally to use on all my DIY beauty posts. I have mine set up so that when they click to confirm their email, they’ll automatically receive the freebie. It downloads for them right away. I used to have to Mickey Mouse it with my old provider to get it to work. It is SO much easier with ConvertKit.

7. Analytics.

I love the graph on the main page of my account that shows how many subscribers I’ve received that day, that week and that month. It goes a step further and breaks it down into the various tags that the people are subscribed to.

When I send out an email, I can easily see the open rate, click rate, how many unsubscribers and more. It also shows me a list of my links and how many times each was clicked. I’ve been keeping the page open all day and refreshing to see it go up. I told you I was obsessed!

8. Automation.

What I love about ConvertKit is its automation! It’s authentic with the term “set it and forget it”. Sequences are what makes that happen, sequences are the email series that I mentioned in #2. Additional automation is set with tags and rules. If someone buys from our Editing Course, we can set them to a series of emails without doing anything!

Yes, ConvertKit costs more than my previous provider. However, it’s my business, and an important part of it, so I don’t mind paying for something that is going to grow my list much easier. I think all the bells and whistles make up for the extra cost. To me, it’s worth every penny!

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