9 Tips for Tailwind Tribes

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Both Randa and I use Tailwind for our own blogs and also, here on Click Start Club. My favourite part of Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes! They are an excellent way to get more traction on your pins. It’s like an easy way to share your new and old content with all your friends. Plus, you can find great content to pin there as well since you don’t want your feed to be 100% your own pins.

Today, I want to share some tips about Tailwind Tribes and how you can make the most of them and get maximum exposure for your content.

Tailwind Tribes Tips

1. Don’t be afraid to leave tribes that aren’t performing. 

More is not always better. You can easily get overwhelmed if you join too many tribes. It’s impossible to try and stay active in all of them. Instead, go through your tribes and leave ones that aren’t performing. Look at how many people are sharing your content and how many repins you are getting in that tribe.

Tailwind also sends out a weekly email with your tribe stats so I recommend going through the list and ditching the lowest ones.

2. If you find the rules too strict, don’t join.

Some tribes want you to share on a 2:1 ratio or even higher. That means for every 1 pin of your own you share to the tribe, you have to repin two pins from others. I don’t mind doing that as long as the tribe is performing well. Any higher than that, though, I probably won’t join the tribe. Read the rules prior to joining and make sure they are ones you can follow.

3. Don’t be a taker. 

Please. It’s SO annoying to see people in my own tribes who have shared like 30 of their own pins and nothing of anyone else’s. That’s the fastest way to get booted from a tribe. Make sure you follow the rules and be a good tribe member. Pin others if you expect them to pin your stuff!

4. Schedule new posts to your relevant tribes. 

When you are sharing your new posts to all your social channels, don’t forget to add it to your Tailwind tribes. It’s a great way to get your new content out there on Pinterest. Hopefully, your tribemates pin it and it will bring you in some nice Pinterest traffic.

5. Go through analytics and schedule top posts to any relevant tribes.

Once a month, look through your Google Analytics and take your top 20 posts. Add those posts over the course of the month to Tailwind tribes. This will help give them a little boost on Pinterest!

6. Don’t flood the tribes with your pins.

It may be tempting to just get all your content out there at once. Don’t do it! It’s annoying when you are scanning through tribes and you see 20 pins from the same person. I usually only do 3 or 4 at the most at one time.

7. Don’t join too many tribes to start. 

It’s not the more, the merrier. Be picky with the tribes you join. Choose ones that you can stay active in.

8. Wait before you add the same content.

It’s fine to recycle old pins in tribes, but give it some time – at least 60 days. This way, the content you are adding to tribes is fresh and no one can get mad at you for spamming.

9. Don’t forget the seasonal content. 

Think Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day…you get the idea. Start adding your seasonal content to tribes a couple months before the holiday. It’s August, but I’m already seeing lots of Halloween pins!

Here at Click Start Club, we have a Tailwind Tribe for our students of our editing courses. We also have a special deal for Tailwind for students! #Perks

Grab your free trial for Tailwind and try it out!

Do you have any tips for Tailwind tribes to add?

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