Where to Find Stock Images for Blog Posts?

There are times where your own photography doesn’t fit what you’re writing about, or maybe you don’t have time to shoot certain shots, that’s where stock images come in. Here’s where to find stock images for blog posts.

Where to find stock images?

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These are all examples of where to find stock images for my Franchise Business blog in which you pay for. I prefer to pay for my images because I find that the images are a better quality. You can find some great prices out there and I compiled this list of stock photo libraries. If you’re looking for where you can find free royalty free stock images, well that’s a post for another day.

Deposit Photos

90% of the stock images I use for this website are from Deposit Photos. They have a huge library of stock photos and I can usually find the perfect photo for the topic I’m writing about.


If I can’t find an option for Deposit Photos, there will be an option on Canva. What’s really cool about Canva is you can design a title at once after you select a stock image. Photos are $1.


I recently found Stencil when I was searching for Canva alternatives. There is a free account and a paid account with Stencil, the free account gives you 10 royalty free images a month so this may be a great option to start out with.


I used to use Dreamstime’s free images back when I started blogging, but they offer some nice paid options as well.


PhotoDune is under the umbrella of envatomarket and photos start at $2.


I love Pond5, they’re a great resource for music, photos, videos, and more. You’ll want to bookmark this resource.

Creative Market

I’ve bought a few things over the years from Creative Market. They are an amazing resource for bloggers.

When to use stock photos?

I don’t stock images for recipe posts, I post my own photos for that. However, I find stock images are useful for topics like house cleaning tips, lists of various tips, health posts, etc.

A good tip to remember is to think about it as a reader: if you were a reader would you expect the topic that you’re reading to have an original picture? A good example would be My Workout Results from Doing XYZ Program. That would not be a good post to

That would not be a good post to post a ripped body from a stock image library, your readers would expect a photo of you.

Use your common knowledge and you can make stock images work well for your blog. They’re a great tool to utilize!

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